Welcome & Shalom!

There are many reasons why our people are brought together; family, friends, a common sense of purpose, and a commitment to Judaism.

The United Congregation of Israelites, Jamaica, is a community where people across all backgrounds and generations can Worship, learn, play, and connect. The Congregation is fixed as Progressive. Where our people are not only brought together but are also kept together.

We are comprised of multi-generational families, founding families, young professionals, empty nesters, new parents and more. As the united of the Sephardi (Spanish and Portuguese) and the Ashkenazi (English and German) the UCI was formed in 1921, our history goes as far as prior to 1692 first synagogue at Port Royal. We are steeped in rich history with a forward-thinking approach to meeting the needs of our community. We tap into. values of Judaism to transform both our lives and the lives around us.

The United Congregation of Israelites, Jamaica believes in lifelong learning. Our Star club, school, Bar Mitzvah program, keeps families engaged, stimulated and informed.

But in addition to learning, we believe in celebrating and playing in our holidays, Join us!

UCIJ Membership Application Form (PDF)